File Formats

JPEG: This is what most cameras use as the default. JPE files get compressed into the camera which causes the images to lose quality and detail.

TIFF: This format is always requested by publlishers and commonly used in photography.

RAW: This is the best option when you want the best quality possible and this format is mainly used by professional phtographers.

DNG: This is an alternative for the RAW format created by Adobe.

PNG: This was designed in the 90’s as an improvement of the GIF format and this is ideal for things on the internet.

GIF: GIFs are also ideal for things on the internet and there is no image quality lost because lossless compression. GIFS are not the best for photos because it has a maximum of colors.

BMP: BMPs are large files and color is data is saved in each individual pixel without any compression therefore it’s a high quality digital file.

PSD: This file is what Adobe uses as a default to save data.

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