Photojournalism – Candid Moments

This guy is in the gym about to start another set when his favorite song comes on. He gets hyped up and starts singing and dancing
His name is probably Daniel. He’s pushing himself to the limit and telling himself “two more and your done”. He is holding his breath and struggling.
He chose to do the weight room for PE but now looks like he regrets his decision. He keeps on looking at the clock to countdown how many minutes till the period is over. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and is just trying to get it over with.

I like the first picture because he looks like a mysterious person. The trees in the picture give it good composition and also how the picture is black and white, it gives the vibes of him making a business deal back then. In the second picture I like how everything is in focus except the person on the bike. It makes me feel like I’m actually there, about to go down the stairs and then I see the bike rider. I think Henri really captured the moment for both pictures and on the first one you can see the persons expression and it gives you more of a feel on what’s going on.



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