Lenses Read and Write

All camera systems offer a large selection of lenses. These range from fish eye that give a 180° field of view to telephoto lenses up to 800mm. There is zooms, primes, macro lenses. super telephotos, tilt-shift lenses, and more. The lenses you use depends on what you want to shoot. More expensive lenses have a more fixed aperture. You should use a wide lens when shooting scenes with prominent foreground objects. Wide lens are also good to use when shooting in small things like a car, a room, etc. so you can get everything in view. Standard zoom is a great walkaround lens. It allows you to do wide-angle landscape shoots and portraits. Telephoto lenses can zoom in a lot and can get a picture of something and be really close when you’re not that close. Telephoto lenses is good for sports, nature, and wildlife.

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