Camera Modes

Automatic mode: This mode has the camera decide the shutter speed, ISO, etc. This mode gives more of a guess because it doesn’t really know what you’re taking a picture of.

Portrait mode: When this mode is selected, it will automatically set a high aperature which is to keep your background out of focus. This mode is mainly used when you’re main focus is an object.

Macro mode: This mode is used for getting close ups. It’s mostly used for smaller objects. A tripod is used most of the time for these type of pictures and for these pictures a parallel angle works best.

Landscape mode. This mode is the opposite of portrait mode and uses a smaller aperature that way the scene you’re trying to capture will all be focused as possible. A slower shutter speed is used most of the time so a tripod is being used most of the time.

Sports mode: Sports mode is used for capturing moving objects. This mode increases the shutter speed which helps to capture moving things.

Night mode: When in low-light situations, this is the ideal mode for that. This mode uses a slower shutter speed.

Movie mode: This mode is on digital camera and is used to capture moving scenes. When you see something that you want a picture of but you know it’s too good to just be a picture, that is what movie mode is for. It does take up more space/memory on your camera thought.

Aperature priority mode: This mode is a semi-automatic/ semi-manual mode. You choose the aperature and the camera will choose the rest of the settings from there. This mode is good to make sure you have good balanced exposure and it’s useful when you’re looking to control the depth of field.

Shutter priority mode: In this mode you select a shutter speed and the camera chooses the rest of the settings so this mode is similar to aperature priority mode. This mode is used when you want to do something like capturing a moving object.

Program mode: Only some digital cameras have this mode included. This mode gives you more contol over things like the flash, ISO, etc.

Manual mode: In this mode you have full control over everything and you select all the settings. This mode helps to take any type of photo you want because it’s very flexible.

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